Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dodger's Breakout!

It was great seeing the Dodgers in Action here in Arizona. With the way things have been going this season the Dodgers needed a breakout game to free up the offense. We did just that last night, pounding the D-backs ace Dan Haren, who was untouchable for the first four innings, striking out ten batters the first time through the lineup. Setting the stage for what looked to be a low scoring game for the Dodgers. To counter, the Dodgers rookie pitcher John Ely was ready to earn his stripes getting his first major league win. When the Dodgers offense finally figured Dan Haren out, there was no stopping that run away train.

A thirteen run outburst is always good for the moral and confidence of the team. Hopefully this can right the ship and get the Dodgers pushing up from the bottom of the pack. One quick note take a look around at the bullpen's in the western division the majority of teams are having problems in the bullpen, letting you know we are not alone.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Rough Beginings Build Character

It has been a rough start for the Dodgers but fret not three weeks does not a season make. This is one of the ways you fine out what you are made of. Everybody fines themselves with there back against a wall every now and then and you have to fight your way out. When this happens, something grows on the inside of you that remains for a life time. You have setbacks and reversals, but you keep fighting until the end. A lot is revealed when you are in the lean season individually and as a team. WE have all heard it said... you don't want to go to war with someone who has never been in a battle. Development! Character! Courage! Fight! The willingness to go the extra mile, the eye of the tiger. All these things come to the surface in battle. The Spirit of a Champion digs in for the battle, in baseball it's getting through 162 games. When the battle starts in April you already know every team will win 50 games and every team will lose 50 games. The Manager and what kind of fight is on the inside of your team plays a roll in what happens with the rest.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dodger Fan's Believe In Joe Torre

This has been one of the worse starts for the Dodgers over the last few years. Pitching and defense are the things you build your team around. While it is still early we have had problems in both of these area's early on. If you understand the Dodger organization over the last 50 years, pitching and defense is what has built organization into one of the best franchises in baseball. Joe Torre, can see the short coming the team is going through at this time and with all of his experience will be able to gage what is needed to make sure the team is in sink when it counts. Remember this isn't his first rodeo, when it comes to blending personalities Joe Torre is in the right spot, and the Dodgers will be in the Western Division race when it counts.