Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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Game for Manny Ramirez 75 Million Buy In

The yahoo sports video is saying to win the hand of Manny Ramirez, you have to come correct. We have a high stakes poker game... to get Manny you have to go all in at 75 Million three years. MAN!! that's a lot of money. The truth is it may go higher than that, with the teams that have a need for an instant impact player, and a need to win right now. Manny knows he is in a high stakes game and each day his value goes up. What an awesome position to be in. YOu have heard it said: " baseball has been very very good to me" well Manny has been crowned The King of LA, if the Dodgers are lucky enough to get his services for another three years. Did you hear what I said? Lucky enough to get his services at 75 million... WOW!!

There will be a number of team in the running; bidding for Manny Ramirez, believe me the red carpet is coming out and only the elite owners can play. Frank Mccourt has his poker face hasn't blinked... this is it... do you believe in this hand?... all you have to say is... I'M ALL IN.

In the high stakes game not every owner can play... the best of the West against the best of the East.

Who wants a Championship team? Who is willing to pay for a Winner based off of last years performance? This is just the prelude to the WINTER MEETINGS... get your popcorn ready, it will be exciting.

Mike Davis

Monday, November 24, 2008

Tommy Goes Big in the Wine Business

Why hasn't this happened before now. The Great Tommy Lasorda and his love of the finer things in life and the Dodgers... now has his own wine and I heard it from his own mouth, Italian wine. As much as Tommy loves Italian foods, this is like a marriage made in heaven, like peas in a pod, like Abbot and Costello, Burns and Gracie.

Tommy is now in his 80's and looking good as ever, I had a chance to sit down with during the excitement of this last season and he still The Spirit of a Champion burning inside. Doesn't move quite as fast but he can still move people with the way that he delivers a speech. I will make sure a get a case of Lasorda Wine just for the memories... this is a grand way for Tommy to retire in the vineyard and in peace... Beautiful.

Mike Davis

Sunday, November 23, 2008

There's a Winner in You

This has been on my mind since this past Friday. When I blogged about the young lady on the show STYLISHA named Danielle, who was an overweight fashion diva with great style. I talked about how she lost her confidence when she had to pick out an outfit she felt didn’t compliment her body type. The energy for style and fashion she brought to the drawing board left her as her confidence waned.
Well this past Friday I was in an insurance meeting that was being ran by a man of large proportions. This man had to be 350- 450 lb. didn’t have the brightest smile in the room but was very engaging. The presents he possessed and the confidence that came from his person made you want to drink the coolade he was serving and hear everything he was saying. He was full of life, he was full of love and he truly cared about your needs and how he could help you. This man was very attractive because of what was in him... a CHAMPION! What he had was contagious and whatever he was selling you wanted it. He is a true champion, a winner.
I wanted to share that with you because so many people look at what is going on around them and let the circumstances dictate the way they approach their day and the way they treat people. When you have a spirit of gratefulness, when you are grateful for the many blessing we truly have. If you have a spiritual relationship with you maker and can enter into His rest. That joy comes forth and is intoxicating and attractive. We should all become the best we can be with what God has blessed up with. The Spirit of a Champion brings that out of you where you radiate confidence in who you are. There is a Winner in you.
Martin Luther King once said: “ If I can help someone as I past along… If I can cheer someone with a word or a song… If I can show someone he is traveling wrong… Then my living would not be in vain. That is in my spirit and a truth I try to live by.

Mike Davis

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Champions of the Round Table

Whether you play sports or work at El Pollo Loco you can be a champion. The way that you see yourself means so much to the way that the world sees you. The show Stylista was playing on the TV in the background and there was this oversize stylist named Danielle, who was having a tough time with her outfits of choice. I wouldn’t call her overweight; but she was 4 or 5 inches too short for her size. Her beauty was in her confidence, which was engaging and stylish… but when her confidence went, she wasn’t the same person. Her view of life changed and what she gave out changed, and everyone around her could feel it.
You see, we give out energy that is received or repelled based off of what is happening on the inside of us. That is the reason why you have to tap into the Spirit of a Champion and pump yourself up to stir up the gift. The Spirit of a Champion takes you to a place of confidence where you know you can conquer the world and that’s what a winner does. There is no quitting in you until you reach your goal and if you lose your confidence, which we all do from time to time, just remember to stir up the gift, the Spirit of a Champion, and get back to the Champion within you.
Mike Davis

Thursday, November 13, 2008

One More Year For Manny

Mr. McCourt is ready to go the distance with Manny Ramirez, by extending the contract offer another year. Which would put his contract around 74 million for three years... Man that's a lot of money. I've had a few responses that said how much is enough? Why wouldn't he just take the first deal the Dodgers gave him... player are so greedy, the rest of the world is hurting and these spoiled players turn down 45 million while the country is broke.
The truth is over 3 trillion dollars passes through the federal reserve every day. Those stats may be changing today but as of a couple of month ago 3 trillion everyday. With that being said ball player only get paid their market value. What that says about Manny is that as of today he is the cream of the crop among free agents and everyone can use a player of his caliber. The real problem when it comes to money... is the team owners. I don't think any player ever expected the game would pay the kind of money that they are being paid. But who in their right mind would tell the team that is bidding for them no that's to much... you might think it but you want to see how far they will go. We all heard Manny's quote: " gas is up so am I". You can't be mad at him.

Mike Davis

Monday, November 10, 2008

To Compete in 2009 the Dodgers NEED Ramirez and Peavy

Ned Colletti is very impressive as he tries to bring a winner back to LA. It will take a lot of money to get Manny Ramirez signed. The impact that Manny had on the city of Los Angeles has been recognized by Ned Colletti and the Dodgers ownership. I’ve always said that winning is better than losing every day of the week. When you win, you have a better attitude and your food tastes better. The Dodger got a good taste of winning in 2008 and created a buzz that hasn’t been felt in twenty years. No matter what Ned Colletti does, it all starts with Manny Ramirez. If the Dodgers can sign him, then make a deal to bring Jake Peavy to Los Angeles; the excitement will start the very first day they start spring training in their new camp in Glendale, AZ. Manny and Jake are two big impact players that can go the distance and deliver a winner. Remember you heard it here first, if the Dodgers are able to sign Manny Ramirez, and then add Jake Peavy to the rotation they will content for the title next year. You can take that to the bank.
Mike Davis

Friday, November 7, 2008

Back the Truck Up For Manny

I am truly impressed with the Dodgers efforts to get Manny Ramirez under Contract. Forty-five million two year deal out the Gate… I love it!! The problem is Scott Boris Manny’s agent didn’t. Boris is looking for someone to back the truck up for Manny. Yes, Manny is the hottest offensive player in baseball. The way that he performed in the playoffs puts him a step above all the other offensive players in the league. You take that and add it to the last two months of the regular season for the Dodgers and someone will back a truck up for Manny.
Manny Ramirez has two world championship rings and is coming off a 160 million dollar contract. So he doesn’t need any money. He doesn’t need to win a championship, as a matter of fact he has accomplished everything in the game you can accomplish as a player. His value is his ability to take others to the Fall Classics. At this stage of his game Manny can sit back and see who want his talents. So far the Dodgers are making the biggest push.
Mike Davis

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

WE Have a New President

We Have a New President….
The big day is finally heard, the votes are coming in rapidly and the country is beside itself. Who will be the next president of the United States…? It will be either John McCain or Barack Obama…. It’s amazing to me the thing that people say in politics to get there point across. Every reason why John McCain is the right man for the Job, Obama supporters why we need change and Barack Obama is the right man for the Job. John McCain is too old; Barack Obama is going to take us into socialism as a country. ENOUGH!!! Stop already… as the votes are being tallied up and the people run to the polls; whoever wins will be the next president. Having a choice is awesome and the right to vote is a privilege, you get to choose who you want and make your own decision.
The election is so much like team play and organizational togetherness. Without the team, each of these men could not get it done. Whoever God allows to be the next president of these Untied States, we as a country should be praying for them and holding up their arms as our representative. The unity that you see in team games is still missing in the fabric of our country. If you only knew how transparent teammates get when you win together, this could change our country. Remember, you get so much more done as a team than you will ever get done by yourself.
It's so Important, that the politicians use the hot athletes like... World Champion Phillies Jimmy Rollins !! the day before the election to have a big impact in Pennsylvania for their candidate.
So live your life to give it away in doing so you easy the burden of others to pass it forward.
Mike Davis

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Winter Meeting Take Center Stage

With the baseball season over and the final two teams getting a much needed rest, all attention goes to player acquisition and transactions. As all the teams work hard to rebuild for the 2009 season, decisions have to be made on who goes and who stays. Most teams will be trying to sign their impact players if they aren’t already signed and they will be trying to dump salaries also of players that didn’t perform to their expectation. A lot of action happening this time of the year in baseball.
Managers being hired and fired, trades being made, and deals that lead to the climax of… the winter meeting! The winter meetings are designed to get people excited about baseball before the start of spring training. The block buster deals… who will get Manny Ramirez… will the Dodgers sign Jeff Kent and Nomar Garciaparra… will someone let Barry Bonds play this year… What are the Brewers going to pay CC Sabathia? Then the block buster of them all... who gets Jake Peavy? This is why we have baseball fans; this is what a baseball conversation is all about with your unique opinion added.
As we exhale from a long grueling season take in a little basketball and football then get ready for the winter meetings.
Mike Davis