Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The most important thing an athlete must realize is that there will be good and bad days. It is pointless to believe that you will do everything right all the time. Baseball is a roller coaster of ups and downs. The best athletes are those who do the most things right on the most consistent basis.
This is the second half of Sometimes...

Sometimes the cheese makes us late
Sometimes we turn it around
Sometimes we can't find the plate
Sometimes control is easily found
Sometimes pitchers get abused
Sometimes they dominate
Sometimes hitters look confused
Sometimes they own the plate
Sometimes we blow the easy play
Sometimes we make plays we can't usually make
Sometimes we throw the ball away
Sometimes we go weeks without a mistake
Sometimes we're thrown out trying to steal
Sometimes we steal on the catchers gun
Sometimes the game is no big deal
Sometimes it's very fun
Sometimes the game makes us mad
Sometimes we take it in stride
Sometimes we're good
Sometimes we're bad
just hold on for the ride

Monday, April 26, 2010


Sometimes we're pretty good at the game
Sometimes we fall on our face
Sometimes we're destined for fortune and fame
Sometimes we look out of place
Sometimes we have no off speed pitch
Sometimes it's very tough
Sometimes we hang it for all to hit
Sometimes we have nasty stuff
Sometimes we miss the hanging hook
Sometimes we hit it over the wall
Sometimes at strike 3 we look
Sometimes we hit pitches nasty and all
Sometimes the cheese makes us late
Sometimes we turns it around

Continued next blog....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I Missed It..

My Last post regarding Manny Ramirez going into the hall of fame I wrote from the heart. I had forgotten what happened last year with the 50 game suspension for using steroids. That does change thing quite a bit. Manny is still a great player and truly has put up hall of fame numbers, getting caught in the steroid age of the game of baseball isn't the worst thing to happen to a player. One because most of the guy's were still competing according to the rules of the game and baseball hadn't band the drug until the mid 90's I'm guessing. I would go so far as saying that the game promoted the use of steroids to save the game after the strike of 1994. We all remember CHICKS DIG THE LONG BALL! The problem I have with Manny is that 2009 year to test positive, that is cheating to get your advantage.
It surprises me that guy's would take that chance today, there is so much media surrounding the steroid talk writer can't wait to write about it. For the player, I guess if you can get away with it and it help your game and you get the multi-year contract you've accomplished your goal. Baseball is so much more than that though. As a player, TO USE you are thinking short term or long term? Is it worth it? I don't have that answer for you....You will have to ask the guy's that are dealing with the repercussions. Barry Bonds, Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and a host of others. Sammy Sosa has tried to turn himself white! Big Mac went underground for a while because of the pressure. The pressure that is place on these guy after they are exposed is so heavy do you think they would do things different? Mark McGwire would have never played in enough games to put up the numbers he put up. He was a great player, I could go on and on and on but this needs to be put to bed. Getting back on target Will Manny get your vote for the hall? My stand now is he can't go in UNLESS all the other guy's get in the hall of fame..... including Pete Rose.
to be continued...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Does Manny Get your Vote for the Hall

If you keep up with the Big League Stew after Manny Ramirez' pinch hit homerun, the question comes up, would he get your vote for the Hall of Fame? Now I've played with a lot of great players, Ricky Henderson, Reggie Jackson, Mark McGwire, and a host of others. For Manny Ramirez to put up the number he has put up over the last few years. He is truly bound for the hall of fame. There are a lot of people that have played with Manny Ramirez who hate his guts but it doesn't change the fact that he is a great player. Is he likeable? Does he play hard all the time? I can't say, I can only answer like a fan he is fun to watch. In my own opinion he is having fun whether the team wins or loses. What that does is takes all emotion out of play and allows you to except what happens for the day. This is how I believe Manny has stood above the crowd to excel at what he does... and what does he do...Perform.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Winning Is Better Than Losing

Continued from yesterday...

Winning make me look to the future
While losing puts things in reverse
Winning simply makes attitudes better
and losing makes attitudes worse
I don't want to know you
if you're a good loser
Good loser,
to me,
aren't good men
Maybe it's just that I'm such a bad winner
I like enjoying the win:
All Right! Thatababy!
Midfield congratulations
Post game smiles
High and low fives
Hugs in celebration
I don't care how you'd break it down
The result is still the same
Winning is better than losing folks
No matter what the game.

by Mark Davis
go Big Blue

I will be mixing in a poem every second or third blog, you won't want to miss this season. Let go Dodgers.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Winning is Better Than Losing

I gave it that title because I wanted to share a poem with you all. I am truly glad to see the Dodger put some numbers on the board and start to look like the team we all expect to win the Western Division.

My brother who play in the big leagues with the Angels wrote this poem, I think you will enjoy it:

Winning is better than losing folks

And that's the bottom line

If losing doesn't get on your nerves

You can't be a teammate of mine

I will never tire of winning

I can win over and over again

I have this strong need

to feel like I'm better

and that need is fulfilled when I win

Winning gives me bragging rights

It lets me walk with pride

It puts a smile upon my face

and leaves a good feeling inside

Winning makes all females look better

and enhances the taste of my food

Winning allows me to sleep a lot better

and it wakes me up in a good mood
Part two tomorrow.....

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dodgers Give up Game in Late Innings

The Dodgers haven't quite found their stride yet. The come from behind win for the Marlins is one that got away from the Dodgers. As a former outfielder for the Dodgers, the ball at the centerfield wall has to be caught. Shawn Kemp may have gotten turned around but that ball should have been an F8. Shawn is a great player and will continue to get better and will continue to make mistakes as his star develops. When the Dodgers do find there stride those plays will be made. When we start clicking on all cylinders this will be fun to watch. I hope you have a good seat, our once young team has grown up and these guy's believe they will repeat. You know what that means... Get your Manny wigs ready to party in September. Again we've just started and haven't build any momentum. When it happens you will know.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bla Bla Bla Tomorrows Another Game

It was good to see the Dodgers get back into the game and put themselves in position to win. There were a lot of positives and and negatives but at the end of the day the Dodgers are solid.

I first want everybody to remember that this is only game number two, and we have a great team. Clayton Kershaw was a little off but he should be great. Hey! I'm glad to see Russ Ortiz on our staff. He will be a sleeper out of the bullpen this year. Tomorrows another day.

Get ready for the ride.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Welcome to the Baseball Season

It has been over a year sense I've last posted a blog. I'm back and ready for the battles we'll fight in 2010. I will be blogging about the Dodgers again and this year I will add a different twist to my blogs I know you will enjoy. This year we will go inside of the players head..... What makes them excel at the game of baseball? Is it just ability or something else?

Easter Sunday I spoke to the kids at Avondale Little League, with the baseball seasons starting all around the world. Over 33 million kid and students and pros, begin their pursuit to become tomorrows major leagues. All over the United State, Japan, Taiwan, Dominican Republic, Cuba, etc... On the eve of the greatest event to happen in the history of the world... The Resurrection of the Lord and Savior of the world Jesus Christ! Christ being His title and not last name. Better said... Jesus the Christ!

I was reminded of when I started playing and my father would drive through the neighborhood and pick up our team in his station wagon. We would get to the field and everyone would spill out of the car 12 or more kids deep. To see the faces of the kids yesterday, starting a new season took me back to some good memories. I wanted to break the ice with a little reflection and wish all the kids good luck in the new season... but this blog has a lot to do with the big blue, The Dodgers Baby! They lost the first game of the season. Dodger fans! get ready for an exciting ride! I will be posting some great stuff this year and you won't want to miss it. Again... WELCOME TO THE BASEBALL SEASON!