Friday, October 31, 2008


World Champion Philadelphia Phillies
The Philadelphia Phillies are Champions of the World! Congratulation to the Phillies and the City of Philadelphia. It has been a long time coming and the Phillies finished with flair. It should have been over a couple of days ago but you didn’t let that discourage you. You stayed focus on the task at hand and now stand king of the mountain, Champions of the World. It all came together at the right time and now you get to enjoy the fruits of victory. Enjoy your parade tomorrow and suck it all in, these moments are rare. The last time the city of Philadelphia got to celebrate like this was when Mike Schmitz was the man. Because of those days Mike Schmitz is still the man.
It was only a matter of time before Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins and Case Utley were going to contribute and the other team didn’t take advantage of it. The Phillies had players Shane Victorino stepped up in a big way to make up the void. Again Congratulation and enjoy the spoils.
Mike Davis

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Phillies Go Up 2 Games to 1

After a ninety minute rain delay the Phillies and the Rays played some great baseball. I told myself I wouldn’t be interested in this series because of the teams in the series; but WOW! This has been fun.
Who would have thought that anyone would have wanted to watch this series… this has been great baseball. These teams are in a battle and matched up well. When you have a rain delay you don’t know what kind of game will follow because of the conditions of a wet field. The grounds crew did a great job to have the field in top condition after the long delay. With back to back homerun by Chase Utley and Ryan Howard the Phillies seemed to be in command of the game. All year lone the Rays have come from behind and they continued to not give up, as the rain delay took the game into Sunday morning. The Rays tied the game up in the 8th . With an infield single and two stolen bases by BJ Upton. With the bases loaded and no out in the ninth… a BLEEDER properly placed wins the game for the Phillies and puts the Phillies up 2 games to 1.
I wasn’t planning on watching this series; it has turned out to be quite interesting even if the Dodgers aren’t playing in it.Mike Davis

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Fall Classics Begin

The fall Classics begin tonight. The Tampa Bay Rays vs. Philadelphia Phillies…. The last two teams standing after a long grueling season. The battle that no one wants to see with the exception of the Rays fans and the Phillies fans. Let me say it for you… BORING!!!
This series can’t get my attention; there is nothing to get excited about. Yes the Rays went from the worth team in the league a year ago to the best team. And yes, they have some great young players, but give me a break who wants to see the Rays vs. Phillies…. Not me.
I love baseball just as much as the next guy; I’m not going out of my way to watch this small market baseball. Mark my words this series will have the lowest ratings in history. Both of these teams should be proud of themselves for their accomplishments this is the reason we play the game … they have had an awesome years. The unity they have experienced this season will be with them the rest of their lives, my only issue with this series is…. There were so many possibilities of capturing all baseball fans with the Cubs vs. anyone... in their hundred year drought. The Dodgers vs. Boston would have been awesome built around Manny Ramirez. The Angels vs. Dodgers for king of the city. Plus so many other combinations; we get the Rays vs. Phillies, to me this is a letdown for everybody except the Rays fans and Phillies fans. Congratulations to Tampa Bay and Philadelphia I hope you all enjoy the World Series it has been a long year and I’m going to the gym.
Mike Davis

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Quiet Before the Storm

The Quiet before the Storm
As Construction rears its head at Dodger stadium we still have plenty unanswered questions. The number one question for all Dodger fans; are we bringing Manny Ramirez back next season? My bet is Manny Ramirez will be a Met or a Yankee. More likely a Yankee just to be able to go back to Boston for the rivalry between the two organizations. The New York Yankee will be opening up in their new stadium and they will want to put a product on the field that will be ready to win immediately. It will take a boat load of money to sign Manny with the kind of season that he put together he is in the driver’s seat. There are only a couple of markets that can afford to carry a player of his magnitude and New York and Los Angeles are it. Manny Lives in New York and at this stage of the game it will play in his decision making. What will the Dodgers do with Jeff Kent? Will he retire? Does he have another Year is Dewitt ready to step in as an everyday player. How about Nomar Garciaparra will he retire? There is something to be said about having experienced player on your team.
Playing in the A’s and Dodgers organizations the one thing I learned was they added young players to their line up each year if they were ready, this kept the flow of talent coming and the team chemistry balanced. Both the Athletics and the Dodgers had consecutive rookie of the year players. The Question is are the Dodgers ready to put their young player out there every day? Can the team compete without the superstars?Leftside

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Manny Ramirez' Dodgers vs. Boston Red sox...

Manny Ramirez and the Dodgers vs. Boston Red sox ….
I want to congratulate the Dodgers on the thrills you’ve given me this year. We have had a lot of ups and downs in your race to the title but in the end you made it exciting for everyone. It has been great reminiscing on all the feeling of being in a pennant race and how a team came together with everyone pulling on the same side of the rope. The joy and excitement of reaching your goals and the whole city bubbling over because they were a part of it all.
I wanted the 2008 Dodgers to have the same experience and the city was ready after twenty years. One couldn’t help but think of a series between Manny Ramirez’ Dodgers vs. the Boston Red sox. That is the stuff movies are made of. The game everyone wanted to see will never happen, but it truly was something to look forward too. As the Dodgers clean out their lockers and head home for the winter the team and the stadium will be having a makeover.
The Dodgers have a lot to look forward to in the new season. They have developed a great crew of young talent that will be around a long time. Major decisions must be made on their free agents and nobody knows what this team is capable of without Manny. It had been a great year for the Western Division Champion Dodgers. Hold you head high you guys.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up….
It hurts so much that I can’t shake it, the loss to the Phillies yesterday in game four will be hard to let go. You have so much of yourself invested in the game mentally that you put everything on the line in playoff baseball. You’re so high when things are in your favor the brain releases endorphins that lather you with a satisfaction and a new fight. When things turn against you, you fight to stay positive and believing you will overcome whatever obstacle you are faced with…. The Dodgers battled last night… they fought a good fight…. They threw some big blows… The Dodgers did enough to finish the Philadelphia Phillies off. They didn’t quit! They wouldn’t give up! The Phillies tried to steal our mojo… the tried to rob us of the spirit of a champion.
The Phillies out lasted us in fighting for dominance's in the National League and won game four. To get to the Fall Classic from this point will take a miracle. When you put it all on the line like the Dodgers did last night, and that bubble bursts… so much goes out of you that it’s very difficult to understand what you lose, the energy that leaves your body in disappointment is picked up by your opponents in confidence and momentum and focus.
It doesn’t look good for the Dodgers; very few teams have come back from a 3 games to 1 deficit. It could happen, but the team will have to let go of last night’s lost and that will be hard.

Joe Torre has been through this a couple of times; he has been on the team that lost a 3 game lead. He will be able to share his experience with the Dodgers. Manny Ramirez has been on a team that has come back from the elimination game and won the World Series, he will be able to share that with the Dodgers. Emotions are high when you come this far, the Dodgers have no choice but to regroup, for tomorrow is not promised to them. To get it done will require the spirit of a champion.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Home Cooking is a Good Thing for Dodgers

Great to be home with the Dodgers faithful fans. The collective energy from the fans makes its way down to the field like a toxic elixir. and the Dodgers were drinking it all up. Being at home proved to be the thing the Dodgers needed to start their engine again. Manny picked up where he left off smashing baseballs in every at bat, this time he had some help with big hits from Dewitt and Rafael Fural. Hirroki Kuroda, pitched a brilliant game to slow up the Phillies and get to within one game of tying up the series. You are so close to the end for one of these teams that the tensions are running high. The team that wants it the most or the team that make the least amount of mistake at this stage of the game will win. This has been a long season and nobody wants to go home at this point, but the cream will rise to the top when it counts and we are in Dodgers County. "Get her done!" Men in Blue.


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Down Two and a Day to Regroup

It's good getting home for the Dodgers when you have played well on the road and things don't go your way. We haven't won this year in Philadelphia and The Phillies haven't won this year in LA. The Dodgers need to have a good home stand and keep the pattern going. Then break serve in Philadelphia to extend the series.

The pressure is on the Dodger to win on this home stand, this is what playoff baseball is all about and with the possibility of only two more games to play, winning is your only option. The fan support at Dodger Stadium will give the Dodgers a little edge like the white hankies did for the Phillies. Joe Torre will give the team what they need with their backs against the wall. Manny Ramirez is truly in top form, we need a couple others guys to step up and we are right there. When you reflect back on the games in Philadelphia which each players does. They replay every aspect of the game to see what when wrong. Every pitch thrown and every pitch swung at, peparing for adjustments that you have to make for the next start. Everybody watches films today to educate you on what to expect. You still have to get it done on the field of play. With the Dodgers down two games to none, they need a sense of urgency this home stand.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Game One Goes to Phillies

One mistake and the Phillies win game one. Things were going well for the Dodgers as they started the sixth inning. Derek Lowe was rolling along with the game under control with the exception of one bad pitch. That one pitch cost the Dodgers the game. Chase Utley swinging first pitch hit a fastball into the right field seats to tie the game at two. Pat Burrell followed to give the Phillies the lead and Dodgers go down in game one. This is playoff baseball and at the top levels the good hitter try not to miss a pitchers mistakes. Utley and Burrell didn't miss. When the Dodgers came up in the bottom of the ninth, down by one run, I couldn't help but think back to the 1988 World Series heroics of Kirk Gibson. But this wasn't the World Series and the game wasn't in LA.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Race to the Title Begins

This has been a great run for the Dodgers with a lot to Celebrate as they begin the last the leg to the Fall Classics. The greatest pressure in all of baseball isn't playing in the World Series; it is getting to the World Series. The Dodgers and every other team who started spring training back in February each set out with a goal of playing baseball in October. On October 8 there are four teams that are still standing, two teams from the National league and two from the American league.

These teams have battle there ways through a long and grueling regular season; they have overcome injuries and set backs, doubt and fears to be one of the final four still standing. This is a long way from February with 35 spring training games 162 regular season games 3 NLDS game and 600 at bat under belts. Bodies fatigued mentally and physically but still driving forward. What pushes these guys after such a long journey? Why do they ignore the pain and press on? How come they don't sleep much and wake up with youthful energy? What drives players after such a long journey?

To be called the Champions of the World and wear the ring of honor, for a job well done is a priceless accomplishment. Some of the best players in the world have played their whole career and never stood on top of the mountain as Champions. All the hard work you have put in; 175 games to get here and finish the best of the best. The spirit of a Champion, the thrill of accomplishment to set out and reach your goals; the only word for it is PRICELESS!

The Dodgers begin their quest, their battle, and their fight to stand on top of the mountain champions and represent Los Angeles in the 2008 World Series. This team has jelled at the right time, the combination of youth and experience has created a great balance to give them a great chance to be recognized as Champions of the world and this is why they continue to fight and battle to the end!


Monday, October 6, 2008

The Stage Is Set Dodgers Phillies

The NLCS is set with the Dodgers vs. Phillies and the Rays vs. Red Sox. The hopes of an LA series have faded away with the Angels shortstop failing to execute a squeeze play. Fundamental baseball is so important especially when there is no tomorrow because every play is magnified a 100 times. Eric Aybar will be replaying the missed squeeze all winter long looking to avenge himself in the new season.

But this is a Dodgers blog with the championship series starting is a couple of days the Dodgers have their hands full. The season series was split between the Phillies and the Dodgers with both teams winning all their games at home. Who is going to the World Series? It will be a dog fight to the end. If I was a betting man, the game that the world wants to see is Boston vs. LA; Joe Torre and Manny Ramirez, bringing their battle with the Red Sox to the West Coast.


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dodgers Sweep Cubs Headed to NLCS

Not since the 1988 Championship team has the team been this close to representing the National League in the World Series. The excitement at Dodger Stadium is explosive! The champagne in flowing. People are celebrating all over LA but the job isn't finished yet.

It was so good to see the Dodger players celebrating with the fans. The players being so proud of the support they have received all year and the fans in return being so proud of their team. You can look back to how far the Dodgers have come this season, the obstacles they had to endure and now to be one series away from the fall classics. So many scenarios could play out at this point, maybe a LA series with the Angels. Maybe we get the meet the Boston Red Sox and have Manny Ramirez face off against his old team. That would be awesome!! Before we can even go down that path we have to finish the job. Finishing is one of the hardest things in baseball, you are so close to achieving your goal but you can't lose focus now. That is what a spirit of a champion is all about. Enjoy your victory; celebrate your accomplishment today, for tomorrow we start a new battle with another opponent standing in the way of our place in history. A Champion will not be denied, go Dodgers!


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Two Games Up and Coming Home

It is great being in the driver's seat. The Dodgers handled their business in Chicago by winning the first two games in a short 5 game series and now head home for two which should be the end of the Chicago Cubs record setting season. The Cubs who won 97 games came into the playoffs as the team to beat. 1908 was their last championship season; with the success they had in 2008 the Cubs may have been looking ahead to the World Series and will most likely have to wait another year.

Baseball is such a funny game where on any given day the team that performs and executes fundamental baseball without mistakes usually will win. The old analogy of execute or be executed is what has happened to the Cubs. Listen to part of this Mark Davis poem: EXECUTE

We can live or die by execution

And none of us want to be dead

We live by completing the task at hand

If we fail,

We die instead

Our lives and deaths are numerous

We prefer to live more than not

It's wrong to expect eternal life

But a battle for it should be fought


Or be executed

It boils down to that as a team

It's a difficult burden to carry

But we must make things as real as they seem….

The Manager of the Cubs Lou Pinela will tell you that the Cubs have played bad baseball in this short series. This is the very reason the Cubs are about to be EXECUTED.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Manny Being Manny Dodgers Win!!

I purposely didn't mention Manny Ramirez in yesterday's blog even though he hit a homerun in game one to extend his own personal homerun record in the playoffs to 25. Manny's, lights come on in post season play like no one else, I mean he has taken his game to another level. To perform at the level he has played in the playoff is something special to behold. He has made it look easy.

Hitting a baseball is hard, you are trying to hit a round ball with a round bat, this requires tremendous skill and precision. Then you add the fact that they are throwing the ball up to 95 to 100 miles an hour and it's moving, and dipping, and sliding all over the place. Once it leaves the pitcher hand you have 2/ 10th of a second to make a decision, will I swing at this pitch or take it?

For Manny Ramirez with the world watching, this has become a walk in the park. One of my baseball coaching friends told me that Manny said playing in the National League is like playing triple A baseball. For those of you who aren't familiar with the different leagues in baseball, it's like going down to the lower levels to play. They call this Manny Being Manny, heads and shoulders above all the rest. Play on Manny and shine like a bright star!!


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Victory Dodger Win Game 1

James Loney is his name! that's the Way you man up... down two runs and BA-BOOM!! Dodgers go up two runs with a James Loney grand slam! In playoff baseball you never know who will step up... believe it or not there is a lot of pressure to perform when you have the world watching. Some of the best players in the world have lost their mojo when it comes to playoff baseball. Pressure, some say: " it can bust a water pipe". In the game of baseball you have to rise to the occasion, blockout your surrounding and focus on the job at hand.
The Dodgers have first blood winning game one of the playoffs for the first time since the 1988 World Series. This is a good omen as momentum swings the Dodgers way. Another plus you need the remember is Joe Torre is as cool as the other side of the pillow, being lead by Joe, the Dodgers looks very comfortable. Derek Lowe did a great job and had great command on the mound to keep the Dodgers in the game after giving up a couple of runs. Great job Dodgers.