Thursday, November 13, 2008

One More Year For Manny

Mr. McCourt is ready to go the distance with Manny Ramirez, by extending the contract offer another year. Which would put his contract around 74 million for three years... Man that's a lot of money. I've had a few responses that said how much is enough? Why wouldn't he just take the first deal the Dodgers gave him... player are so greedy, the rest of the world is hurting and these spoiled players turn down 45 million while the country is broke.
The truth is over 3 trillion dollars passes through the federal reserve every day. Those stats may be changing today but as of a couple of month ago 3 trillion everyday. With that being said ball player only get paid their market value. What that says about Manny is that as of today he is the cream of the crop among free agents and everyone can use a player of his caliber. The real problem when it comes to money... is the team owners. I don't think any player ever expected the game would pay the kind of money that they are being paid. But who in their right mind would tell the team that is bidding for them no that's to much... you might think it but you want to see how far they will go. We all heard Manny's quote: " gas is up so am I". You can't be mad at him.

Mike Davis

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