Tuesday, November 4, 2008

WE Have a New President

We Have a New President….
The big day is finally heard, the votes are coming in rapidly and the country is beside itself. Who will be the next president of the United States…? It will be either John McCain or Barack Obama…. It’s amazing to me the thing that people say in politics to get there point across. Every reason why John McCain is the right man for the Job, Obama supporters why we need change and Barack Obama is the right man for the Job. John McCain is too old; Barack Obama is going to take us into socialism as a country. ENOUGH!!! Stop already… as the votes are being tallied up and the people run to the polls; whoever wins will be the next president. Having a choice is awesome and the right to vote is a privilege, you get to choose who you want and make your own decision.
The election is so much like team play and organizational togetherness. Without the team, each of these men could not get it done. Whoever God allows to be the next president of these Untied States, we as a country should be praying for them and holding up their arms as our representative. The unity that you see in team games is still missing in the fabric of our country. If you only knew how transparent teammates get when you win together, this could change our country. Remember, you get so much more done as a team than you will ever get done by yourself.
It's so Important, that the politicians use the hot athletes like... World Champion Phillies Jimmy Rollins !! the day before the election to have a big impact in Pennsylvania for their candidate.
So live your life to give it away in doing so you easy the burden of others to pass it forward.
Mike Davis

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Giovanna Garcia said...

Dear Mike

I agree with you about election campaigns is a lot of team work. In fact, I feel that the team work that goes into an election campaign has a lot to with the WINS. So great job on the winning campaign team. A Job well done!

Giovanna Garcia
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