Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Winter Meeting Take Center Stage

With the baseball season over and the final two teams getting a much needed rest, all attention goes to player acquisition and transactions. As all the teams work hard to rebuild for the 2009 season, decisions have to be made on who goes and who stays. Most teams will be trying to sign their impact players if they aren’t already signed and they will be trying to dump salaries also of players that didn’t perform to their expectation. A lot of action happening this time of the year in baseball.
Managers being hired and fired, trades being made, and deals that lead to the climax of… the winter meeting! The winter meetings are designed to get people excited about baseball before the start of spring training. The block buster deals… who will get Manny Ramirez… will the Dodgers sign Jeff Kent and Nomar Garciaparra… will someone let Barry Bonds play this year… What are the Brewers going to pay CC Sabathia? Then the block buster of them all... who gets Jake Peavy? This is why we have baseball fans; this is what a baseball conversation is all about with your unique opinion added.
As we exhale from a long grueling season take in a little basketball and football then get ready for the winter meetings.
Mike Davis

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