Sunday, November 23, 2008

There's a Winner in You

This has been on my mind since this past Friday. When I blogged about the young lady on the show STYLISHA named Danielle, who was an overweight fashion diva with great style. I talked about how she lost her confidence when she had to pick out an outfit she felt didn’t compliment her body type. The energy for style and fashion she brought to the drawing board left her as her confidence waned.
Well this past Friday I was in an insurance meeting that was being ran by a man of large proportions. This man had to be 350- 450 lb. didn’t have the brightest smile in the room but was very engaging. The presents he possessed and the confidence that came from his person made you want to drink the coolade he was serving and hear everything he was saying. He was full of life, he was full of love and he truly cared about your needs and how he could help you. This man was very attractive because of what was in him... a CHAMPION! What he had was contagious and whatever he was selling you wanted it. He is a true champion, a winner.
I wanted to share that with you because so many people look at what is going on around them and let the circumstances dictate the way they approach their day and the way they treat people. When you have a spirit of gratefulness, when you are grateful for the many blessing we truly have. If you have a spiritual relationship with you maker and can enter into His rest. That joy comes forth and is intoxicating and attractive. We should all become the best we can be with what God has blessed up with. The Spirit of a Champion brings that out of you where you radiate confidence in who you are. There is a Winner in you.
Martin Luther King once said: “ If I can help someone as I past along… If I can cheer someone with a word or a song… If I can show someone he is traveling wrong… Then my living would not be in vain. That is in my spirit and a truth I try to live by.

Mike Davis

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giovanna garcia said...

Yes, there is a winner in all of each and everyone of us. Great post. I love the quote form Martin luther king. Here is one from Jim Rohn. Help others to be liked. Help others to be right.
Help others to be comfortable.
Help others to be winners.
Inspire Someone… To be the best they can be.

Thank You,
Giovanna Garcia