Monday, April 5, 2010

Welcome to the Baseball Season

It has been over a year sense I've last posted a blog. I'm back and ready for the battles we'll fight in 2010. I will be blogging about the Dodgers again and this year I will add a different twist to my blogs I know you will enjoy. This year we will go inside of the players head..... What makes them excel at the game of baseball? Is it just ability or something else?

Easter Sunday I spoke to the kids at Avondale Little League, with the baseball seasons starting all around the world. Over 33 million kid and students and pros, begin their pursuit to become tomorrows major leagues. All over the United State, Japan, Taiwan, Dominican Republic, Cuba, etc... On the eve of the greatest event to happen in the history of the world... The Resurrection of the Lord and Savior of the world Jesus Christ! Christ being His title and not last name. Better said... Jesus the Christ!

I was reminded of when I started playing and my father would drive through the neighborhood and pick up our team in his station wagon. We would get to the field and everyone would spill out of the car 12 or more kids deep. To see the faces of the kids yesterday, starting a new season took me back to some good memories. I wanted to break the ice with a little reflection and wish all the kids good luck in the new season... but this blog has a lot to do with the big blue, The Dodgers Baby! They lost the first game of the season. Dodger fans! get ready for an exciting ride! I will be posting some great stuff this year and you won't want to miss it. Again... WELCOME TO THE BASEBALL SEASON!

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