Monday, April 19, 2010

Does Manny Get your Vote for the Hall

If you keep up with the Big League Stew after Manny Ramirez' pinch hit homerun, the question comes up, would he get your vote for the Hall of Fame? Now I've played with a lot of great players, Ricky Henderson, Reggie Jackson, Mark McGwire, and a host of others. For Manny Ramirez to put up the number he has put up over the last few years. He is truly bound for the hall of fame. There are a lot of people that have played with Manny Ramirez who hate his guts but it doesn't change the fact that he is a great player. Is he likeable? Does he play hard all the time? I can't say, I can only answer like a fan he is fun to watch. In my own opinion he is having fun whether the team wins or loses. What that does is takes all emotion out of play and allows you to except what happens for the day. This is how I believe Manny has stood above the crowd to excel at what he does... and what does he do...Perform.


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