Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dodgers Give up Game in Late Innings

The Dodgers haven't quite found their stride yet. The come from behind win for the Marlins is one that got away from the Dodgers. As a former outfielder for the Dodgers, the ball at the centerfield wall has to be caught. Shawn Kemp may have gotten turned around but that ball should have been an F8. Shawn is a great player and will continue to get better and will continue to make mistakes as his star develops. When the Dodgers do find there stride those plays will be made. When we start clicking on all cylinders this will be fun to watch. I hope you have a good seat, our once young team has grown up and these guy's believe they will repeat. You know what that means... Get your Manny wigs ready to party in September. Again we've just started and haven't build any momentum. When it happens you will know.


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