Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Winning is Better Than Losing

I gave it that title because I wanted to share a poem with you all. I am truly glad to see the Dodger put some numbers on the board and start to look like the team we all expect to win the Western Division.

My brother who play in the big leagues with the Angels wrote this poem, I think you will enjoy it:

Winning is better than losing folks

And that's the bottom line

If losing doesn't get on your nerves

You can't be a teammate of mine

I will never tire of winning

I can win over and over again

I have this strong need

to feel like I'm better

and that need is fulfilled when I win

Winning gives me bragging rights

It lets me walk with pride

It puts a smile upon my face

and leaves a good feeling inside

Winning makes all females look better

and enhances the taste of my food

Winning allows me to sleep a lot better

and it wakes me up in a good mood
Part two tomorrow.....

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