Sunday, October 26, 2008

Phillies Go Up 2 Games to 1

After a ninety minute rain delay the Phillies and the Rays played some great baseball. I told myself I wouldn’t be interested in this series because of the teams in the series; but WOW! This has been fun.
Who would have thought that anyone would have wanted to watch this series… this has been great baseball. These teams are in a battle and matched up well. When you have a rain delay you don’t know what kind of game will follow because of the conditions of a wet field. The grounds crew did a great job to have the field in top condition after the long delay. With back to back homerun by Chase Utley and Ryan Howard the Phillies seemed to be in command of the game. All year lone the Rays have come from behind and they continued to not give up, as the rain delay took the game into Sunday morning. The Rays tied the game up in the 8th . With an infield single and two stolen bases by BJ Upton. With the bases loaded and no out in the ninth… a BLEEDER properly placed wins the game for the Phillies and puts the Phillies up 2 games to 1.
I wasn’t planning on watching this series; it has turned out to be quite interesting even if the Dodgers aren’t playing in it.Mike Davis


db6 said...

Did you really think with the miraculous Rays in it, and the gamers the Phillies have on their team, this would not be an interesting World Series? :)

I would just like to say hi and I will be following this blog which does not seem to be very well-publicized. I'll spread the word. How often will it be updated?

learn to earn 14 said...

It is a tight race. Keep enjoying and letting us know. From one that is in the know on how it is done, it is great to read. Thank you for keeping us up to speed.

Hugo and Roxanne T. said...

Hi Mike,

The Phillies and Rays are really putting up a great series. It's incredible to see how well they take care of the field, when there is a rain delay.

Many Blessings....Hugo and Roxanne
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