Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Race to the Title Begins

This has been a great run for the Dodgers with a lot to Celebrate as they begin the last the leg to the Fall Classics. The greatest pressure in all of baseball isn't playing in the World Series; it is getting to the World Series. The Dodgers and every other team who started spring training back in February each set out with a goal of playing baseball in October. On October 8 there are four teams that are still standing, two teams from the National league and two from the American league.

These teams have battle there ways through a long and grueling regular season; they have overcome injuries and set backs, doubt and fears to be one of the final four still standing. This is a long way from February with 35 spring training games 162 regular season games 3 NLDS game and 600 at bat under belts. Bodies fatigued mentally and physically but still driving forward. What pushes these guys after such a long journey? Why do they ignore the pain and press on? How come they don't sleep much and wake up with youthful energy? What drives players after such a long journey?

To be called the Champions of the World and wear the ring of honor, for a job well done is a priceless accomplishment. Some of the best players in the world have played their whole career and never stood on top of the mountain as Champions. All the hard work you have put in; 175 games to get here and finish the best of the best. The spirit of a Champion, the thrill of accomplishment to set out and reach your goals; the only word for it is PRICELESS!

The Dodgers begin their quest, their battle, and their fight to stand on top of the mountain champions and represent Los Angeles in the 2008 World Series. This team has jelled at the right time, the combination of youth and experience has created a great balance to give them a great chance to be recognized as Champions of the world and this is why they continue to fight and battle to the end!



jacques said...

Watching sports teams is often a reflection of life in general.

We as individuals all have different seasons in our life.

The time comes when we are in a position to accomplish our greatest deeds and we must call on all we are and the Lord to get the job done.


Peter Baca said...


You give this blog such a vibrancy! I enjoy reading your updates on the Dodgers better than the newspaper!

Momentum is with the Dodgers! They are peaking at the perfect time! They can win it all!!!

Pete Baca