Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dodgers Sweep Cubs Headed to NLCS

Not since the 1988 Championship team has the team been this close to representing the National League in the World Series. The excitement at Dodger Stadium is explosive! The champagne in flowing. People are celebrating all over LA but the job isn't finished yet.

It was so good to see the Dodger players celebrating with the fans. The players being so proud of the support they have received all year and the fans in return being so proud of their team. You can look back to how far the Dodgers have come this season, the obstacles they had to endure and now to be one series away from the fall classics. So many scenarios could play out at this point, maybe a LA series with the Angels. Maybe we get the meet the Boston Red Sox and have Manny Ramirez face off against his old team. That would be awesome!! Before we can even go down that path we have to finish the job. Finishing is one of the hardest things in baseball, you are so close to achieving your goal but you can't lose focus now. That is what a spirit of a champion is all about. Enjoy your victory; celebrate your accomplishment today, for tomorrow we start a new battle with another opponent standing in the way of our place in history. A Champion will not be denied, go Dodgers!



"CW" said...


I confess I am not a Dodger fan although I do have fond memories of Kofax, Osteen and Drysdale.

I graduated high school in Baltimore 1966; an incredble year for the Dodgers. But they ran into Palmer, McNally, Bunker and Drabwski and two guys named Robinson; four straight and held your guys scoreless for 33 straight innings.

It's been a tough last twenty years for the O's. Thanks for the memories.


jacques said...

You are so right? We cannot stop until the job is done. Success is made up of alot of battles and we cannot lose focus on the ultimate goal.

Regards, Jacques