Saturday, October 4, 2008

Two Games Up and Coming Home

It is great being in the driver's seat. The Dodgers handled their business in Chicago by winning the first two games in a short 5 game series and now head home for two which should be the end of the Chicago Cubs record setting season. The Cubs who won 97 games came into the playoffs as the team to beat. 1908 was their last championship season; with the success they had in 2008 the Cubs may have been looking ahead to the World Series and will most likely have to wait another year.

Baseball is such a funny game where on any given day the team that performs and executes fundamental baseball without mistakes usually will win. The old analogy of execute or be executed is what has happened to the Cubs. Listen to part of this Mark Davis poem: EXECUTE

We can live or die by execution

And none of us want to be dead

We live by completing the task at hand

If we fail,

We die instead

Our lives and deaths are numerous

We prefer to live more than not

It's wrong to expect eternal life

But a battle for it should be fought


Or be executed

It boils down to that as a team

It's a difficult burden to carry

But we must make things as real as they seem….

The Manager of the Cubs Lou Pinela will tell you that the Cubs have played bad baseball in this short series. This is the very reason the Cubs are about to be EXECUTED.


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