Monday, October 13, 2008

Home Cooking is a Good Thing for Dodgers

Great to be home with the Dodgers faithful fans. The collective energy from the fans makes its way down to the field like a toxic elixir. and the Dodgers were drinking it all up. Being at home proved to be the thing the Dodgers needed to start their engine again. Manny picked up where he left off smashing baseballs in every at bat, this time he had some help with big hits from Dewitt and Rafael Fural. Hirroki Kuroda, pitched a brilliant game to slow up the Phillies and get to within one game of tying up the series. You are so close to the end for one of these teams that the tensions are running high. The team that wants it the most or the team that make the least amount of mistake at this stage of the game will win. This has been a long season and nobody wants to go home at this point, but the cream will rise to the top when it counts and we are in Dodgers County. "Get her done!" Men in Blue.


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