Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Fall Classics Begin

The fall Classics begin tonight. The Tampa Bay Rays vs. Philadelphia Phillies…. The last two teams standing after a long grueling season. The battle that no one wants to see with the exception of the Rays fans and the Phillies fans. Let me say it for you… BORING!!!
This series can’t get my attention; there is nothing to get excited about. Yes the Rays went from the worth team in the league a year ago to the best team. And yes, they have some great young players, but give me a break who wants to see the Rays vs. Phillies…. Not me.
I love baseball just as much as the next guy; I’m not going out of my way to watch this small market baseball. Mark my words this series will have the lowest ratings in history. Both of these teams should be proud of themselves for their accomplishments this is the reason we play the game … they have had an awesome years. The unity they have experienced this season will be with them the rest of their lives, my only issue with this series is…. There were so many possibilities of capturing all baseball fans with the Cubs vs. anyone... in their hundred year drought. The Dodgers vs. Boston would have been awesome built around Manny Ramirez. The Angels vs. Dodgers for king of the city. Plus so many other combinations; we get the Rays vs. Phillies, to me this is a letdown for everybody except the Rays fans and Phillies fans. Congratulations to Tampa Bay and Philadelphia I hope you all enjoy the World Series it has been a long year and I’m going to the gym.
Mike Davis

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