Saturday, October 11, 2008

Down Two and a Day to Regroup

It's good getting home for the Dodgers when you have played well on the road and things don't go your way. We haven't won this year in Philadelphia and The Phillies haven't won this year in LA. The Dodgers need to have a good home stand and keep the pattern going. Then break serve in Philadelphia to extend the series.

The pressure is on the Dodger to win on this home stand, this is what playoff baseball is all about and with the possibility of only two more games to play, winning is your only option. The fan support at Dodger Stadium will give the Dodgers a little edge like the white hankies did for the Phillies. Joe Torre will give the team what they need with their backs against the wall. Manny Ramirez is truly in top form, we need a couple others guys to step up and we are right there. When you reflect back on the games in Philadelphia which each players does. They replay every aspect of the game to see what when wrong. Every pitch thrown and every pitch swung at, peparing for adjustments that you have to make for the next start. Everybody watches films today to educate you on what to expect. You still have to get it done on the field of play. With the Dodgers down two games to none, they need a sense of urgency this home stand.


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