Monday, December 8, 2008


You're probably wondering why is this guy writing about High School Football? Well it's my opportunity to brag about my nephew Anthony Wilkerson. Anthony is a junior at Tustin High, 5'11'' 210 lb GPA 3.8 the majors are looking at him as a junior USC, UCLA, STANFORD etc... Plus the Tustin Tillers is going to the CIF Finals at Anaheim Stadium for the first time in 12 years. My nephew has played a major part in the success of the Tustin Tillers. They have a great team this year. To be playing in the CIF finals is testament to the hard work all the players have put in.

Anthony Wilkerson has scored thirty-five touchdown this year... the last game I saw him play he scored five touchdown. As a former professional player myself I have played against some great NFL Stars. My nephew impressed me so much the last time I watched him play, I told him after the game: " you are exciting, you remind me of Marcus Allen the way you run through that line." Do you know what he told me??

Who is Marcus Allen... Who is Marcus Allen... only another Hall of Famer with great NFL numbers who made a big mark on the game of football when the Raiders were the Raiders and the class of the league. This tells me I'm getting older. I have to remember that my nephew is only 16 years old. Orange County Varsity dot com they keep you up to speed on what all the high school players are doing in Orange County. The Game coming up this Saturday afternoon at Anaheim Staduim is something that all the players and their families, the cheerleaders and their families will remember the rest of their lives. The Spirit of a Champion will be a part of every player and student that has been apart of this journey from start to finish, With the right mindset they will be able to accomplish anything. Nephew, do your Thang on Saturday, you have won already... and remember:

good better best,

never let it rest,

until the good get's better,

and the better become the best....

go Tillers!!

Mike Davis

Tiller Football against Canyon: http://shmyl.com/esrgton

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jacques said...

Great storey Mike. It seems to run in the family. You have set a good example.