Monday, December 15, 2008

La Harba Win CIF SS Title Over Tustin

What a great first half for the Tustin Tillers as they battle La Habra High School and held them to a 14 point in the first half. My nephew Anthony Wilkerson did his thing and fought hard for 204 yards in a losing effort. He really showed me something in the kind of character he has as an athete.
Sometimes you go into battle and you are over matched and out numbered. That wasn't the case between the La Habra Highlanders and the Tustin Tillers on Saturday afternoon at Anaheim Stadium. Yes, when you look at the bench of La Habra they had 2 and a half players to every one player the Tillers had. And yes they were the returning Champs from last year. The Tillers played them well but ran out of gas with there top athletes playing both sides of the ball. That was all La Habra needed to open up a couple of holes for Hillman Who is awesome! Look out for this guy next season because he is an impact player. Look for the Tillers to go all the way next year.
The thing that was really strange was to watch the Tiller not try to put point on the board in the last quarter. They had the ball with 6minutes to play and didn't put the ball in the air or do anything out of the ordinary. It was BORING AND STUPID especially when you were still in the game. I mean the Tillers haven't won a Championship in 60 years, and then to get to the big game and Manage it like you're scared; doesn't make any sense to me. It's been 12 years since they have played in a championship game why not try to win?? Yes they had a great season... but its not over getting to the big name. The coach let the team down by not trying to win the game. Maybe he saw something the other 8000 people at Anaheim Stadium missed; I don't know, but it was a sad finish to a great season for the Tustin Tillers. Next year we raise our standards and run through the tape to the end.

Mike Davis

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It is good to hear about these teams and the good season that they have had. Hugo and Roxanne tagged us and now we are tagging you. If you want to know what it is all about go to our blog - for Wedensday's post for all the details.

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