Friday, December 19, 2008

Is It About the Money...

As a fan of the game of baseball and a former player there are many out there that think that players are so greedy. When we have so many people in the world that are going through hard times and the TOP ball players taking home monopoly money in a down economy.

Let me ask you what would you do when your value has peaked and everyone wants a piece of you? You have excel to the top of your craft and your craft wants to reward you? What would you do. If and organization comes to you and says we want you to work for us, in exchange for your services this is what we want to do for you. Now you hear what they want to do for you and you are blown away. Do you turn it down? do you say I'm not worth all of that... or do you let them bless you so that you can secure your family and bless others down the road?

Mark Teixeira is at the top of his game in baseball, the only people making more money than the top free agents you see in the papers everyday are the CEO, entertainers and Hedge Fund Managers who try to fly under the radar so the world won't take notice.

The fact that an organization is offering Mark Teixeira monopoly money show his value to them. They believe he is worth the price of admission. When the price of admission goes up... don't complain... just buy a hotdog and enjoy the game.

Mike Davis

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