Sunday, December 28, 2008

Would You Bet on Andruw Jones

With all the players the Dodgers have brought into the Organization over the last couple of years, they have players with great resumes to make decisions on. Andruw Jones happens to be on of them. If you were ever going to have a nightmare as a player, Andruw Jones went through one last season. Everything went wrong on the baseball field and when you play in a big media market like Los Angeles, there is no sympathy. Andruw Jones has always been one of the leagues best players and just became ineffective and not good fast.

Sometimes that is the guy you bet on because he has so much to prove. When you're a big free agent you want everyone to know you are worth the price of admission and you can put so much pressure on yourself that you try to hard and nothing goes right. If they put Andruw Jones back in the lineup will the real Andruw Show up? Do you give him a chance in spring training or trade him if you can. Based on his resume I would give him a chance in spring training to see if he is back to the great players the Dodgers paid 36 million for. To have Anduw Jones in full form and to sign Manny Ramirez that could be a great three four punch in the line up or a great four five punch in the lineup. If you ever wonder what the winter meeting are about these are the major decision that the organization leaders have to make preparing for 2009.

Mike Davis

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