Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yankee's Get Sabathia for $161M

Congratulations to CC Sabathia! Who signs the riches contract for a pitcher in the history of baseball. 161 Million dollars is a lot of money and the going rate for one of the top pitchers in the league. A lot of you out there reading this blog might be thinking… “That is ridiculous”
How can you pay one player that kind of money? Listen up, you can do it yourselves… all CC Sabathia did was excel at his craft. He was OUTSTANDING and when you are OUTSTANDING, when you stand out above all the rest… you get all the rewards. You see it in sports all the time. Why do we know David Beckham? Wrong answer: (the movie Bend it Like Beckham) David Beckham excelled in soccer, he was OUTSTANDING he stood out above all the rest… how did they reward him? With one of the richest contracts in the history of Soccer! Brought him to LA, promised him movie deals and a number of other endorsement. Why because he was OUTSTANDING! Another example: Michael Phelps 8 Olympic Gold Medals. Michael Phelps is an American Hero why? 8 Olympic gold Medals he was OUTSTANDING he stood above everyone in the sport of swimming for two straight weeks and excelled at his craft above everyone in the history of the sport. Was he rewarded for it? In a huge way!
Congratulations! Again to CC Sabathia, not because of the huge contract but if you ever sat down with this guy he is an awesome person, the kind of guy you wish the very best for, he gives back to the community and is just a special person. The Yankee’s received a true diamond that will impact the team, the community and their bottom line of winning. CC displays the Spirit of a Champion I wish the Dodgers could have made a play for him but if we can get Manny… lookout for Big Blue.

Mike Davis


jacques said...

Your right on! As we excell we standout from the crowd !

Mike Davis said...

Thanks Jacques,

It is so true for every field of business or sport, what ever you excel at they reward you hansomely.