Monday, December 1, 2008

Ricky Henderson Time to Join The Hall of Fame

As yahoo sports broaches the subject of Ricky Henderson being top on the list of first time ballot Hall of Famers. You can't forget he wore the Dodgers Blues as well. I believe he was 85 years old and hit a home run in his first at bat... I'm kidding with you because Ricky is my age I was so impressed with what great shape he was in to perform in his mid-forties. He appeared to have the same body that he broke into the league 25 plus years ago. We played in Oakland together when billy Martin was the Manager. I remember it so well because I was the forth outfielder in the best outfield in baseball, which meant I never played. Ricky added so much flair to the game of baseball, his great speed made running glamorous and changed the way that pitchers and catchers managed the game. I Hit behind Ricky Henderson in Oakland when I finally did get a chance to play and when you have a player of his talent on base, you get better pitches to hit. That is the reason I couldn't understand the fuss that Jeff Kent was making when they said he got better because of Manny Ramirez. Jeff is a great player but when you put the right people around the right people everybody benefits. I was a lucky man in my baseball career. When I look back and see the field of future Hall of Famers, five or six where team mates of mine and the rest of the field we had great battles against one another. Looking back to the great players that ran between the white lines to compete... though memories are priceless. Of though great players Ricky Henderson Stands out in a crowd with the true Spirit of a Champion. Congratulation Ricky to you and your family you deserve God's best.

Mike Davis


Deanna said...

Thank you for making baseball come alive with every word.Great job Ricky Henderson.
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thank you )
Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

jacques said...

You might get a call from the Hall of Fame. You never know. Jacques