Thursday, December 18, 2008

To Be a Switch Hitting Free Agent with Great Hands

Mark Teixeira happens to be hotter than Manny Ramirez right now. To be a switch hitting free agent who can hit for power plus having every major league team wanting to add you to there roster for a kings ransom has to be nice. This guy can do it all, great hands on defense and a bat that is so potent that they talk about it in both leagues... and the kind of teammate that everyone wants. His value is sky high!

Teixeira is and outstanding player... He stands above all the rest and is about to be paid for his performance in a great way. The Boston Redsox have been out bid for his services. How does that happen? Ever since He came out of college he has been turning heads. The Man that scouted Teixeira should be giving what ever he wants because this guy is special beyond measure. Even when you spell his name right it looks wrong but in the game of baseball everything that Mark Teixeira does it right.

Mike Davis

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