Friday, August 8, 2008

Dodger Fan's Let's Pull for Andruw Jones

You have to know what it feels like to come to a huge market like Los Angeles with High expectations, and not be able to deliver. I have first hand experience. In 1988 I came to LA expecting to set the world on fire. I worked extra hard that winter and looked forward to wearing the Dodger Blue. The season started an I bombed, my worst season ever. The point I’m making is it isn’t over until it’s over. August and September baby! Start pulling for Andruw Jones with one big moment we could be talking about the roll he played in the fall classics of 2008. With the changes the Dodgers have made he may be the difference maker. I’m sure Andruw Jones showed up looking to be Andruw Jones of the past. Start pulling for guy and see what a different it makes.


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