Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dodgers Getting Healthy At The Right Time

What a great start to this home stand. Beating the Phillies on a Monday Night and Getting Nomar Garciaparra back on Tuesday, this is good stuff. Great job Derek Lowe! Great start at the right time. Dodger fans, this is going to happen if we can survive this home stand. I told you yesterday that leadership on the field is key to the Dodgers winning their division. Think Blue everyone!

The Dodgers have the coolest coach in town, with his playoff experience Joe Torre isn't going to panic. That will keep the rest of the guy's cool too. The trade that brought Manny Ramirez to Los Angeles has inspired the the rest of the team at the right time. Let make it through the home stand by winning the series with the Phillies and the series with the Brewers. Then Pay close attention how everyone will step up.


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