Thursday, August 21, 2008

Great Home Stand Big Blue

We may be two games back in the standings but this has been a good home stand for the Dodgers. To start off with a sweep of the division leading Phillies and to take two out of three from the Brewers, great job team. We all know you can't win them all, but the positive is we have Greg Maddux back in Dodger blue. Great addition with 34 games left in the regular season. The experience that he brings to the table is felt in more ways than just winning on the field. Greg has played this game so long that his present on the bench with the pitchers on the Dodgers staff is priceless. These guys can sit next to Greg Maddux and glean information from all the situations he's been in and learn. Greg brings value to position players as well. When you have played as long as Greg Maddux, you have some pearls you can share about winning in all faucets of the game. The Padres ace Jake Peavy, who absolutely idolized Greg Maddux; I guarantee you made him better talking to Greg daily. Dodger pitchers take advantage of this future hall of famer. Use him and make yourself better.


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