Monday, August 11, 2008

Dodgers Week of Destiny

With the Dodgers taking a few lumps on this last road trip, this coming home stand becomes very important. There has to be a turning point when the team says: " that's enough". This is our division to win. It can't be Joe Torre, or the coaching staff. Someone on the field has to take over and lead. One of the veteran players who has the respect of everyone, needs to call a team meeting without the coaches and find out who is ready to take this to the next level? Everything is thrown out the window at this time. It's not about how big your name is or how much money you make. This is playoff baseball time and who wants to play for the title?

With the Eastern division Leading Philly's in town, followed by the Brewers , this home stand will make a statement as to what the Dodgers are made of. It time to Man Up! That was one of the awesome things about Tommy Lasorda, who could come into the locker room and tell a story that could unite the team as one. Leadership is so important on the field. The front office did what they where suppose to do and added a couple of players for the final surge for the pennant. If the leaders on the field don't step up this opportunity could get away and we will be talking about next year again.

Jeff Kent, Andruw Jones, Brad Penny, how bad to you want this thing? This is your time to shine and guide this young team to the fall classics. Leadership on the field can unite this group of Dodgers. How bad to you want this thing? It's so close.


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