Friday, August 22, 2008

Get ready to Ramp up For September

Gargling each night after screaming at the Dodgers game. Do you have warm saltwater ready to sooth your scratchy throat? The race begins September 1st; if you are within five or six games of the leader in your division you have a chance to win that division. The last five months have been a prelude to the meaning of baseball. Now you find out who wants to play on and who wants to go home. A race to finish line brings out the best in you. There is another level of focus and concentration that is invisible but you feel it come in. You have heard guys talk about tunnel vision, with everything going on around them they are able to block out all the noise… all distractions… all players… and just focus on the ball traveling to the plate as it rides through this tunnel in slow motion. You can see the stitches on the ball… you see a dot on the ball… telling you it's a curve… or a slider… and it's sharp and clear vision.

Players wonder how I tap into this for long periods of time. Why did it show up now? With so much on the line everything is in sink. The stars are lined up and the game has slowed down and my pain has left my body. It is absolutely amazing what the subconscious mind can do when you ask the right questions. When you ask the questions are you coming from fear or faith? Are you coming from doubt or a strong belief in how it's going to turn out? This all means something. The same player is in this battle as he determines what gets through this filter of my mind, good or bad. When you are there you are using more brain power that is the reason people can't stay in this state so long. The focus is outside of you and uses a lot of energy. The very reason you are worn out after playing a game and it takes hours to wind down to a relaxed state. This is good stuff. Wow…


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