Thursday, August 7, 2008

Have You Gotten Your #99 and Manny Wig?

I was driving through Pasadena and saw a Big sign on Walnut St.
Which read: “ Think Blue” with the Dodgers Logo. All I could think about was how much fun I had at Dodger Stadium this past weekend. Seeing Manny Ramirez wearing the number 99 and the dread locks flowing down his back is a site to behold. I’m from the old school and I like seeing things in order, but for some reason this was different. When Many stepped to plate and hit his first Dodger homerun the stadium went ballistic! Something special is happening here folks.
I’m sure that Joe Torre has asked Manny to cut the wig. But wait a minute? I don’t know if I speak for anybody else but Manny, had me wanting to get a Manny wig and a number 99 jersey. Did anybody else feel that? I truly don’t like seeing major league players drift so far to the left but at the same time I can appreciate Manny branding himself for the LA Market. There truly was magic in the stadium and with the former World Championship players on hand from the 80’s, I think that magic is spreading through the city. Can you feel it?

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