Thursday, August 28, 2008

Let's Go You Dodgers!!

The excitement is fading; we're running out of gas headed toward the finish line. It was a good run while it lasted. To think that we could compete for a division title in the weak National League West. There were times I really thought we would be able to catch the D-Backs and make a statement as our team got healthier and our offense picked up the slack.

What happened to the excitement that surged through the team when Manny Ramirez first arrived and was hitting the ball out of the park? The rest of the team started believing; I think we can, I think we can….. And began performing like they could. Jeff Kent and Manny Leading the charge and The Dodgers stepping up to do their part. September can be a very tough month when your team is tired. But winners never quit and quitters never win. You have to shake off the fatigue if you want to play in October and November. Not everybody wants to be playing after the season ends, hard to believe. Road trips like this one remind you of the day you knew we won't be in the playoffs. The Fat Lady hasn't sung yet. Let's go Dodgers we still have a chance.


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BeHappy said...

Hi Mike .. you certainly imbue enthusiasm for someone .. who I hate to say .. hasn't a clue about baseball .. but I'd loved ths story of your little 2 year old Mychal Deric & the golf cart .. the terrible twos ...

Also the motivational phrases & poems tucked in amongst your posts ..

My one question .. where is rightside??? It all seems lopsided from this side of the pond ..!