Saturday, August 16, 2008

Great Times at Dodger Stadium


It has been twenty years since I had my son at Dodger Stadium. He probably doesn't even remember being on the field running the bases on Dodger family day. He was just two years old back then. Now it was time for him to experience his first Dodger Dog. A Dodger dog and a beer would have been cool, but that's not his thing. You can't come to Dodger stadium and not have a Dodger dog; it's like a tradition as a baseball fan. I really enjoyed bringing MD and his girlfriend to the game, it was her first Dodger game and that is always special.

With the Dodgers leading there division and Manny wigs all over the stadium this was fun. I didn't know they still did the wave at baseball games… then another baseball tradition blow by me… the beach ball with fan participation… this was fun. They didn't stop there one of the most enjoyable moment was when the jumbo tron scans the stands for couples and you kiss the person you're sitting next to. Everybody that shows up at the stadium if you have a companion you hope you are the one the camera catches. These are the things that bring you back, again and again. Parking $15, three Dodger dogs $15 two Cokes and water $15

A day at Dodger Stadium with your son and his girlfriend, Priceless.


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