Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hanging Out With The World Champion Dodgers

Last weekend I was Invited to return to Dodger Stadium as they celebrate 50 years in Los Angeles. This pass weekend brought the Organization to the decade of 80’s in which the Dodgers won Two World Championships. Seeing your former team mates is an awesome experience. There is something special that takes place when you war together for a full season and prevail as Champions of the World. Seeing Fernando, and Saxy, and Tim Leary, Al Pena and then topping it off with Tommy Lasorda and Kirk Gibson. This was extra special. Years have past and we are still one. We are bonded together for the rest of our live as Champions and to hear the stories that each of us shared is worth it weight in gold.
I am awed by Lasorda, his story telling still keeps me on the edge of my seat waiting for him to deliver the punch line. This brought back a memory that took place twenty years ago when my son Mychal Deric was two years ago, he jumped in Tommy golf cart an took it for a joy ride. Tommy remembered this and added how T-Bone’s kids caught him and gave him a beat down. With the thousands of fans admiring their heroes, to be in each others company was Awesome.


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