Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dodger Baseball at Its Best

As we get to the final two weeks of the season with a 3 ½ game lead, everything you do on the baseball field has greater meaning. The media examines every word that is spoken by a player or management to create news. Every move the manager makes has to be justified under a fine tooth comb. Every mistake a players makes are examined closely to determined is this the one play or error that cost us from going to the playoff? Or that launched us into playing in October. Everything has meaning to it, what did you have for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and how many hits did it yield? How do you prepare for the game and is it beneficial to the team's success? The lineup that Joes Torre puts on the field each day has to be justified how come Ethier and not Kemp Why is Loney hitting behind Ramirez, EVERYTHING!!! .

It all boils down to winning. If you win, everything is cool, and if you don't we will find a reason why. After 150 games under your belt it all boils down to the last 10 games, are you ready to meet the challenge, In October it's game on but you have to get to October. Press on Big Blue!


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