Friday, September 26, 2008

The Dodgers Win the Western Division

Congratulations are in order for The Western Division Champion Los Angeles Dodgers! It sounds so good to say CHAMPIONS! It feels so much better as a player having accomplished the task. When the Dodgers caught the Diamondback at home by beat Philadelphia Phillies and winning three out of four games against the Milwaukee Brewers. You knew it was on then. What a run the Dodgers put on in September to get the lead in the western Division. When they left on the road trip to Philadelphia and Washington DC and lost eight straight games, I wondered if they had any heart left to fight with in their face off with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Manny Ramirez caught fire! And as Manny went, so went the Dodgers. It was fun to watch as he man handled the Diamondback Pitching staff. Every once in a while a player gets so hot that he tells the team to "saddle me up!" I'll carry you for a while. The Dodgers did just that and Manny delivered, big hit after big hit. This sparked the men in Blue to where others joined in on the fun and The Western Division Title was won. Well the story isn't finished; we are playoff bound which is awesome! The reason why you want to go to the playoffs is to see if you can finish the course, Can you finish the race to be the last man standing? Can you get the Holy Grail and be the lone team standing on the mountain top; Champions of the World? This accomplishment is worth its weight in gold. Go for it! and do your thang Big Blue, Do Your Thang!!



Paulette said...

Mike, since I've already visited with you once in person, I can say, you wrote just like you speak. I love your enthusiasm! I don't have a clue about Baseball, but I'm sure happy about the winning games.
Take good care,

Giovanna Garcia said...

It was so exciting to see the Dodgers wins the Western Division! We need Champions in our lives! We need Champions for our Baseball Team! We need Champions for our Country. We need Champions in our Business. Just like Manny Ramirez sparked something inside the Dodgers. Whenever we are around greatness, the champion spirits are in the air. And it brings us all up a level that is just unbelievably magical. We all get to a place that is the highest we can be.

Giovanna Garcia

Peter Baca said...

Thanks Mike for this great blog!!

Congratulations to the Dodgers!!!
Looks like Joe Torre knows how to do it! Also, this is the third postseason appearance in the five years of the McCourt ownership. Not bad!!!

I have not seen the team and fans this excited in a while!


Pete Baca

JosephDiego said...

I,ve never been such a big sport fan. But I'll tell you one thing. I'm a Mike Davis fan.. Whats up brother? GBY...Peace, Love, Health, Happiness and Massive Success.

Successfully Joe Lopez

Stella said...

I love the way you write your blog, the outlook, I can feel the enthusiasm! Great blog Mike!

jacques said...

Mike, makes you want to tryout with them again! You can really relive your dream again with this team. I personally like Joe Torre.

Entrepreneur Development Center said...

HI mike i have been a big basball fan since i was 6 years old buying baseball cards at the corner store before school started everyday.It was a honor to meet you and talk to in new york. hope to see you San Diego in jan!

Lori On Maui said...

Go Dodgers! In spite of being a Giants fan from the Bay Area I love to see the Dodgers win! Hope they go on to win the World Series! Lori On Maui

Deanna Finlinson said...

Go Dodgers. Enjoy the ride.

Bob Tetu said...

Congratulations to the Dodgers! I live 40 minutes outside of Philly. Our playoff bid was almost too exciting. You know...Philadelphia...the land of the potential heart attack... ahead of the Mets by one run, bases loaded, one out, ninth inning...and the Mets hit into a double play. YES!!! Heart attack averted. At least for now.

Nithya said...

Keep up the spirit. Life is about enjoyment.

Hugo and Roxanne T. said...

As a Dodger Fan since The 80's I definately remember that 1988 World Series. 20 years later, with no clue to what is going in baseball, I find out that the Dodgers are in route to enter The BIG Show.

I can't imagine a better way, of getting the great news, But from Mike Davis 1988 World Series Champion Dodoger.

Hugo & Roxanne

alan linde said...

You have sparked an interest in me to follow the Dodgers. I used to be a baseball fan many years ago when I followed the Yankees when Thurmond Munson played. I grew up with him in Canton, Ohio and it was fun to watch. That was a long time ago
but now the Dodgers seem to be a real contender so I want to be on the side of a winner!!!!!

leftside said...

Thanks Paulette,
It was a pleasure meeting you and your husband. Hopefully we'll all get together in San Diego in January.
Peace and blessings,