Monday, September 8, 2008

The Dodgers Were Backing UP To Get Their Missiles in Range

When the Dodgers lost eight straight games to start their last road trip, I thought it was all over for the Dodgers. It didn't look like they had any life left in them after a good home stand to take a lead of the Western Division. To take a lead and then hand it over as we approach the last month of the season left a bad taste in my month. But what a turn around, as fast as we took ourselves out of the race by losing eight straight, we put ourselves back on top by winning eight straight. What a rollercoaster ride. The emotions you go through the ups and downs are taxing on the heart. Win all ready!! I can't take all of this. Is this the push for the title we've been waiting for? Do we finally see the light as a team? Do we have everybody pulling on the same side of the rope with all ego set aside? If so this can be fun to watch.

The Dodgers have beaten the diamondbacks 6 out of the last 7 games to take a 1 ½ lead in the Western Division. Way to go Dodgers, it looks like it will be a bumpy ride all the way to the finish line. We have come so far, let's finish with a bang.


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