Thursday, September 11, 2008

Headed to the Rockies Where the Air is Light and the Balls Fly High

The Dodgers are leaving San Diego on a high note. Winning 2 out of 3 and gaining more confidence each day. This is the pace we must stay on to win the Title in the west and the stars are lining up. Takashi Saito is close to returning to the pen, and there was sighting of Rafael Furcal who has been out since May. If you remember the Rockies from last year, what a story. What a run they had to finish the season and make it to the playoffs, you didn't have to be a Rockies fan to appreciate what they did in the month of September to get by the Diamondbacks. This was just great baseball. Having said that, this is not the team that performed so well down the strecth. I expect the Dodgers to dominate these guys. The Dodgers come in Colorado with momentum and Manny. Manny is so hot that I wanted to share a poem about being hot with you:

I'm seeing the ball very well

I dare to say I'm hot

Anything you throw I'll hit

So throw me all you've got

I'll take the first strike, if I choose

Hell, I'll even take strike 2

I know that you can't get me out

I'm overmatching you

I stand there laughing at your stuff

I know that can't be it



Make-up a pitch

Throw something I can't hit……That is just half of the poem, It goes on and it's awesome. I think I will get together with him and do an e-book down the road. But that is how hot Manny Ramirez is right now. His confidence has inspired our team to step it up to the next level and take the West. To do that you have to come through the Rockies. Move on Big Blue and go do your thang!!


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