Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Winning Is Better Than Losing
It' feels so much better being 2 1/2 games up and playing well, then back in the pack waiting for the end of the season. Playing against the teams on the bottom of the division gives us a good chance to win the Western Division Title. All we have to do is win each series.
The funny thing about baseball, you can lead the division all year long like the Diamondbacks and if you run out of gas in September it was all for not. The Dodgers are coming on at the right time, it's not explosive but we are trucking along, like the Little Engine That Could. Inch by inch we are making head way with the finish line insight. From here on it has to be tunnel vision, keeping your eye on the prize, one game at a time with the title in full view. This is where you say as a team and player if it's going to be it's up to me; it's time to finish what we started. Move over the Dodgers are making their move.

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