Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dodgers Day to Reflect

Monday day off, I know; let's watch the Diamondbacks! This is the time of the year where everyone who is tied to the organization watches the score board. The Dodgers magic number is 5, what that means is a combination of wins and losses between them and the team behind them.

If the Diamondbacks win tonight they will be 2 games back with 6 games to play I think that keep the number the same for a Dodgers to win the division. Each day that passes from here out, the number shrinks because the days are running out. This puts all the pressure on the Diamondbacks to win every day hoping the Dodgers just lay down the last week of the season. If the Dodgers win one more series it's all over and we win the title. I hope that helps.


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Craig Garcia said...

Hey Mike, Thank you so much for such an awesome blog. You give a different perspective that you can't get anywhere else. It is easy to Monday morning quaterback all the decisions and plays, so I really like your been there done that attitude when blogging. I sure hope your blog continues after the season is over.


Craig Garcia