Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Fruits of Victory

As the Dodgers continue there up and down season I'm reminded that winning is always better than losing. When you win five straight you look forward to coming to the stadium, The fans are friendly, the guard's wave and smile, the air is cleaner and the food tastes better. You truly have forgotten everything that happened before we won five straight. That's the great part about playing 162 games, there's always tomorrow and you began the day with a clean slate. Everything changes in September because the end of the season is insight. By this time you've worked out all the kinks, your team has had a bunch of injuries or guys made it through the season in one piece and it's time to play your best hand. In September there is no bluffing, everybody in the league has something to play for. Either you are out of the pennant race and you are playing spoiler, or you are in a pennant race and you want to run the table. The teams that are out of the race they play with no pressure and step to the plate swinging free. The teams that are in a pennant race try to focus and execute inning by inning. These are the things that make this game special.

The Dodgers have so many things going on at the same time with their roster that it requires great management skills. You have young players starting to step up and make their mark on the game and you have veterans that have paved the way but are fading in skills. The day is long but the time is short, this part of the year it's all about winning. This is the very reason Joe Torre is in Los Angeles. Dodger fans watch him do his September magic and lead the Dodgers to a Western Division title. Keep on truckin' Big Blue.


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