Friday, September 19, 2008

You Have to Believe

I was listening to the game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Minnesota Twins, as Orel Hershiser called the game; he mentioned a baseball quote that all winning teams chant.

"You Have To Believe!" That was our number one saying for the 1988 Dodgers. "You have to believe"! When I look back on some of the games that we won in 1988, the energy that you receive from being in one accord is so contagious. During the 1988 season someone new would be the hero each week. Tommy Lasorda coined it as: 'if you can get 25 guys pulling on the same side of the rope you can make great things happen. "You have to believe"! It's an intangible energy, as a team you can feel it and you know something special is happening. When a team becomes as one, its super special, I truly don't think people realize how deep that is. "As one" that is what happens when you get married, you become as one with your spouse. With the different ways that people are raised it's proven to be a difficult task and the reason why the divorce rate sores at 58%.

Twenty years ago the Dodgers became as one and did something super special, we didn't know it at the time but as the years pile up you realize it was a special time in history. For the Dodgers, it was special for each individual player, coach, staff member and fan. Since that time we have been bound together in history and we feel a kinship with one another that can brighten up any room. As the Dodgers season comes to a close, I hope they get to experience the oneness that winning gives you for your team the organization and the city. Keep moving forward big blue.


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