Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Win the Series and Win the Series Again

This has been a good road trip for the team. The Dodgers objective is to continue to win series; in the process you will drop a game here and there but winning series is how all the great teams find themselves in the playoff year after year. It sounds so easy but winning series requires a lot of thing working in your favor. Most Teams start the season off with a 5 man pitching rotation. In September it drops down to a four man rotation with extra arms in the bullpen to cover for a bad outing.

The Dodgers have won 14 of the last 16 games and are 3 ½ games up with 10 to play. A win tomorrow in Pittsburgh will be the fifth series in a row they have won which has vaulted them on top of the Western Division. At this point the Dodgers are in charge of their own destiny taking each battle one game at a time with the playoff within reach. Keep on truckin' Big Blue.


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